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Welcome to Import Export Made Easy, where I help you understand the complexities of importing, exporting and/or and global trading.

Think of importing and exporting as a thousand piece jigsaw puzzle. You need to identify each of the pieces and then decide where each piece fits, to be able to complete successful and profitable transactions.

Many have obviously succeeded.

However, importing and/or exporting goods between countries can be complex and there are many and varied traps for the unwary and the illinfomed, which can lead to expensive losses or ultimatly business failure.

A little about me before we move on

Hi Ho, and Welcome,

Lance Scoular here, The Savvy Navigator, Founder of Key Directions and the creator of
I’ll be your guide, and you’ll learn from my extensive experience in International Trade and Transport, what traps and pitfalls of international trade to avoid.

You'll also discover numerous tips and tricks I’ve picked up since I started my career in import export in 1968. (To learn more of my background and expertise, click here)

The Best Time in History for Importing and Exporting?

In my opinion, right now may be the best time in history to be involved in international trade, importing exporting and global trading.

Since the advent of websites in the 1990’s and the sale of goods via the internet, there has been a revolution small companies competing with the big corporates,  including goods being imported and exported.

I have been providing face to face courses, in Sydney Australia since 1991 and one of the big problems for importers and exporters in those early ecommerce days, was competing on price and efficient delivery schedules.

In the last year or so Amazon’s Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) services are available in a number of countries in various parts of the world.

This enables small businesses to find or develop products and test their sales with a major global online market place utilising the Amazon infrastructure.

That being said, the reality is that many importers and exporters have lost their fortunes, due to circumstances, often beyond their control.

Through things like:-

• Government policy changes;

• Importer’s cargo lost, destroyed, or worse, frudulently not delivered;

• Insurance claims rejected;

• Strikes by wharfies or longshoremen delaying cargo; or

• exporters who have had payments default.


Just to name a few.

The dilemma?

Whether or not to take a chance in importing or exporting.

Import Export Made Easy provides simplified descriptions and explanations of complex procedures, systems, documents as well as the stakeholders so you can better evaluate and consider your options for an import, export or global trading venture.

Import Export Made Easy guides you through the global business maze